Surplus to Share!

April 20, 2018 / Comments (0)

Community News

Our Community: Gardeners planting Vegetable Gardens in 2018

Farmers’ Markets and CSA’s help people by providing and selling fresh organic produce on a weekly or biweekly basis. What if those community members growing vegetable gardens have surplus produce that might be thrown away?

Why not share our surplus? No money exchanges – I have cucumbers and you have tomatoes we can’t use, so we trade!

We could meet weekly at the BCA Community Park and share our vegetables or other surplus goods with neighbors.

If you are interested please contact Barb Goff at or 412-760-3851 and she will add you to the list. Please include your name, phone #, and email, as well as the size of your garden. We can convene a meeting to discuss ideas!! Of course growing season has not started yet but we can organize now.

It could be a great thing to do in Blackridge. Maybe people will plant larger gardens knowing there is a way to share! Converting grass and sod areas in our yards to a productive garden or avoiding weed killer is good for the community. Growing more organic produce is just a good idea!