Description: Monday Yoga for Strength and Flexibility
Join us Monday nights for a yoga class designed to build upon your strength and flexibility. This class is great for those who are able bodied and looking to use yoga as a strengthening workout as well as a way to increase flexibility. Each month is focused on a different group of postures and their benefits. Please bring a mat, water bottle, blocks and a strap, if you have them.

Wednesday Yoga for Relaxation
Join us Wednesday nights for a yoga class designed for relaxation and gentle stretching. This class is ideal for beginners or those simply looking to add some much needed relaxation to their lives. This class offers breathing techniques and yoga postures designed to gently encourage release and relaxation in both the body and mind. Please bring a mat, water bottle and a large towel. I recommend you bring blocks and a strap, though they are not required.

Day(s) and Time(s): Monday Yoga – Monday nights from 8-9PM / Wednesday Yoga – Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30PM (except the second Wednesday of each month)

Instructor Name: Molly Knepper

Instructor Contact Information:

Location: Blackridge Clubhouse

Price: These classes are offered for $5.