Santa Claus is Coming…To Churchill!

December 5, 2023 / Comments (0)

Community News


Please come out and greet Santa for treats and picture opportunities.  The following street times are approximate so listen for the sirens.   Unfortunately we cannot make it to every street, so if your street isn’t listed, please go to the nearest one so you can meet Santa!

10:00.  Parade leaves the Borough parking lot

10:05.  Forest Drive

10:10.  Williamsburg Place — upper

10:15.  Hollywood Drive

10:25   Collins Road

10:30.  Williamsburg Place — lower

10:40   Greensburg Pike

10:50.  Barton Drive

11:00.  Marbury Road

11:10.  Garden Terrace

11:15.  Henley Drive

11:25.  Thornberry Drive

11:30.  Garrick Drive

11:45.  Fenwick Drive

11:55.  Kings Dale Road

12:05.  Homer Drive

12:15.  Hampstead Drive

12:30.  Holland Road

12:40.  Ridgewood Drive

12:55.  Nottingham Drive

1:10.    Churchill Road