Blackridge Quarantine Challenge

Blackridge neighbors – are you missing all of the fun BCA events, stopping to chat with fellow dog walkers, and hanging out in the park as the weather gets nicer? We are too and want to find ways to connect! Join us for our weekly “Quarantine Challenge.”

Each week, post a picture that follows the prompt or theme. Just reply to this post and attach your picture – or, if you’re reading this in the email newsletter, click on the headline to go to the post on the BCA site, then reply!

This week’s theme is pets – show us what furry quarantine buddies are keeping you company at home!

7 Responses to :
Blackridge Quarantine Challenge

  1. Todd Hoover says:

    Buster and Honey working from home@

    1. Kyle Burrell says:

      They are hard at work

  2. Anne says:

    Hilarious. Definitely a result of all those walks!

  3. Sherry Kring says:

    Charlie, Rosie, and Moose

  4. Jeanette Trauth says:

    Jeanette and Puck watching old movies.

  5. Bob Feyes says:

    My co-workers sleeping on the job.

  6. Audrey Franzetta says:

    Which cat is sleeping on the job?

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