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March 20, 2018 / Comments (0)

Community News

It’s March, which means the pool opens in just a little over two months! Hard to believe while it’s snowing outside…

Annual Pasta Dinner — Sunday, April 15
As a lead-up to the summer season the BSC has a great event on Sunday, April 15 at the BCA: the Annual Pasta Dinner! It will be a great time to anticipate warmer weather and fun in the sun. The Swim Club will introduce you to their newest board members, share with you plans for the season, and (as always) together enjoy the excellent pasta dinner lovingly made by Laura and Warren Cecconi. Plus it will be a great chance to take advantage of their…

…Early Bird Rates!
Yes, from now through April 15, the BSC is sporting discounts on all membership rates! Join now and save. Come to the pasta dinner, visit with friends, and make sure you’ve joined the pool for the outstanding 2018 season.