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Become a BCA Member
Since 1944 the Blackridge Civic Association has made a positive impact on our neighborhood and we need your help to continue the tradition.  With more than 600 households, Blackridge is a great place to live, play and grow, and with your membership and support, we can work together to make it even better, join today! Senior or Household memberships are available. Click here for the membership page.
What do your dues do?  Your yearly membership in the Blackridge Civic Association is used to strengthen the Blackridge community and support activities, events, and initiatives throughout the year, including:

  • Beef and Beer New Comers Party
  • Strawberry Festival
  • Neighborhood Yard Sale
  • BCA Newsletter: The Blackboard
  • BCA Website
  • Concert in the Park
  • Chili Challenge (new this year)
  • Fall Festival
  • 4th of July Bike Parade and Picnic
  • Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament (new this year)
  • BCA Welcome Booklet & Packet
  • Preferred Contractor Directory (coming soon)
  • Year round maintenance and support of the community clubhouse, park and playground
  • BCA members may also join the Blackridge Swim Club and Blackridge Garden Club:

Membership Benefits

  • Access to year-round events and activities
  • Opportunities for committee participation and other ways to get personally involved in your neighborhood
  • Ability to vote and run for the BCA Board
  • Member discounts for clubhouse rentals, events and the Blackridge Yard Sale
  • E-mail notices about important neighborhood events
  • The knowledge that you're an active, involved part of the neighborhood!

Be as active as you wish...

  • Join a committee,
  • Volunteer to help with an event, or
  • Show your support by renewing yearly to keep everything going.

Membership Page

Please feel free to make a contribution greater than the suggested amount. You will help the BCA to achieve that much more!

Dues are not tax deductible. Membership year runs January 1st to December 31st. Dues received after October 1st is attributed to the following year.
* BCA Membership Eligibility:

1. All persons residing in Blackridge, children as well as adults, shall be eligible for resident membership.
2. All persons who are Associate Members of the Blackridge Swim Club shall be eligible to become associate members of the BCA.
3. Non residents of Blackridge who are not members of the Blackridge Swim Club are not eligible to become members of the Association.

Blackridge is defined as the territory bounded on the West by Graham Boulevard, on the South by William Penn Highway, on the East by Beulah Road and the Churchill Country Club property, from the Churchill Country Club property along Orlando Place to Atkinson Place, Atkinson Place to Pine Way, and Pine Way to Graham Boulevard, and shall include the properties fronting on both sides of said portions of Country Club Drive, Orlando Place, Atkinson Place and Pine Way.

Your membership becomes active when your dues are received.

The Blackridge Civic Association E-mail: blackridge.webmaster@gmail.com